Photo by  Aria Bethards

Mission:Make your hair sing 

Growing up I was drawn to both music and art. I'm fortunate to say I now have a career doing both. As a stylist who can style your hair and perform at your reception (See Gussied) I love that both mediums demand balance, play and creativity. I'm tempted to go on and on about how one medium relates to the other, but you're busy planning a wedding so I'll cut to the chase!

In 2007 I graduated cosmetology school from Pivot Point International Academy in Chicago. Six months into apprenticing in a high volume salon I was placed on the floor as a full time stylist in a rather unusual baptism by fire situation. The experience taught me a lot bout the role of a stylist and the sort of work I really want to do, which is less about change and more about sculpting with existing texture.

I'm a minimalist at heart. My job is to follow your lead on desired styles and see how that best translates with your unique face shape and texture. In my opinion that's the best way to showcase your inner glow and achieve your desired wedding day look.

I’m a big fan of nature. I believe every woman is beautiful and when we work together you can expect me to use the most effective, natural and planet friendly products I can get my hands on. No one needs to be inhaling chemicals that aren’t supposed to be in your body! This however is a lofty goal, so if you have any specific concerns about product ingredients please let me know.

At the moment I do not offer make up services, but I truly adore the make up artists I've worked with. I’m happy to assist with referrals. My goal is for the time we spend together on your wedding day to be carefree, leave you feeling great and looking your best!